Residential Exterior Services

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Here are eFloralScape’s Services (Owner Carol Clarke)

                                 that she can handle for your yard this years season in 2019.

Weeding all landscape (Home Owner supplies yard bags)
Landscape Maintenance
Watering (able to use house spigot or spicket and hose)
Plant Seasonal Flowers in Flower Beds
Plant Seasonal Flowers/Winter Greens in Planter
Plant Annual, Perennials, Shrubs, and Trees (ONLY if product can be delivered)
Add Mulch, Rock or Boulders (ONLY if product can be delivered)
Diagnose and treat with insecticide the garden insects on flowers and trees.
Liming/trimming up trees with in a 5 Year growth. (Left for Curb pick-up)
Watering-New to 1-2 year old trees.

Spring/Fall Clean Up
(Debris to be put in Leaf Bags and left for curb pick-up day or before garbage pick up)
Use of:
       -Leaf Blowers,
       -Hedge Trimmers,
       -Dust Pan,
       -Pruners, ext.

Plant Spring Bulbs in Fall like Tulips, Daffodil, Crocus, Hyacinth and others.
Ideas for landscaping
Design Annuals and Perennial Beds
Landscape Design Plans
Installation (minimum to one person to handle)
Add new landscape accessories
Custom Holiday Décor of your home (Interior and Exterior) Lights, Christmas Trees, Mantels, ext.
Mowing (ONLY if lawn mower is provided)
Yard trimming
Pick up sticks from Storms
Pick up trash from Storms
Fill Bird Feeds (Food provided by Home Owner)
Clean up Dog Poop
Wash/Blow off Decks
Any additional work suggested by Home Owner will be discussed
If you like what you see here for what Carol Clarke can do for your curb appeal.

Contact: Carol Clarke at 515-494-8299-Leave message if she is not available

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